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Bottling process at Cantine Lebovitz


Cantine Lebovitz is largely a family-run winery. The passion that drives us to innovate and improve comes from the enormous synergy that has been created over the years among all the people who live and work here. After taking over the cellar that had belonged to his father and his grandfather, Gianni Lebovitz is currently carrying on the family tradition of winemaking, expertly managing the company with tenacity and abnegation. Several years ago he sold a share of the company to his sommelier nephew, Paolo Zamboni, who is in charge of the production phase. The two partners are helped in the office by Dolores Cassa, Giovanni's wife whose precious help over the past decade has been decisive in modernizing logistics and administration. Corrado Silvestri completes the team. He joined the company over fifteen years ago and is perfect in the role as multi-tasker, so essential to the success of any small business. For some time now Davide, son of Gianni and Dolores, has also been active in managing the winery, particularly providing support in marketing and communication strategies and dealing with the export side.

The company philosopy

The entrance of Cantine Lebovitz
The manageable size of the company enables us to adopt a high quality product policy. Our aim is to improve the wine’s ‘organoleptic’ properties through advanced technologies, yet all the while respecting the characteristics of the product. We feel the environment that surrounds us is our most valuable asset and therefore operating with maximum respect for its delicate balance has always been one of our priorities. The wines that originate from our cellar are expression of the area to which they are inextricably linked. An innovative spirit and respect for tradition are a constant commitment at Cantine Lebovitz, where we aim not only to preserve the cultural and gastronomic heritage of our land, but above all to honour the company's mission to spread the word internationally, so that our Lambrusco mantovano can act as testimonial to these principles.

Land and production area

The company is located in the verdant Po Valley area, through which the Mincio and Po rivers flow. The proximity of these two important rivers makes the land fertile, enriching even the sandy parts. The land has been shaped over time by the accumulation of sediments left behind from the flooding streams, rivers and canals that crossed the Mantuan plain from west to east : sand, silt and clay are found throughout this territory in approximately equal parts. In this hardworking and peaceful area the pace of life, dictated by a rural existence, remains intensely human. An atmosphere of peace reigns, reflected in the broad expanse of cultivated lands. However, the strictest and most selective judges are the local people, who know how to recognize what is truly genuine.
Mincio valley around Governolo

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